RevealIT Solutions was founded by a former HP product manager to address the acute shortage of real expertise in the marketplace around ITOM solutions. Not a shortage of consultants who promise to deliver but a shortage of consultants who actually understand a product and domain beyond just a training course’s worth of knowledge and have the depth of skills and experience to tap into to solve a customer’s real-world problems. If this sounds familiar, then we’re the company for you!

We understand that every product has its own strengths and weaknesses and what works for one customer need not work for another. We work with a few different ITOM technology vendors so we can provide you with best-of-breed solutions based on your unique environment and requirements. So whether you’re looking for an on-premise solution or a cloud-based solution, an agent-based solution or agentless, an extensible, powerful platform or something that’s simple and laser focused on your immediate needs, we can help.

Our team of consultants have proven subject matter expertise and product knowledge across a broad set of areas. Many have prior experience as employees of leading vendors or their acquired companies and understand not only the standard product functionality but also the tips and tricks involved in getting a solution to work in your environment. This coupled with strong execution capabilities are a big reason why our customers keep coming back to us for more!

We have worked with customers across the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia, covering a diverse set of industries and the public sector.

RevealIT is led by a strong, seasoned team with vast executive, entrepreneurial and technical experience in the IT industry and proven success in building successful multinational consulting organizations from the ground up.