Norton’s anti-malware engine is one of the best in my testing, combining a vast malware index, advanced heuristics, and machine learning to detect threats like ransomware files, cryptojackers, rootkits, plus more. It’s also very good at finding phishing sites, and its firewall does a congrats of stopping unsafe downloading and TEXT phishing scams on iOS devices.

As part of Norton 360, it has a great password supervisor that combines multi-device sync, auto-save for new accounts, vault health and wellness auditing, and mobile login support. It isn’t really as strong as the best standalone password managers, but it will do a very realistic alternative of keeping the accounts safe from hackers and securing very sensitive information on line.

Its internet protections are extremely solid, with a superb phishing filter that detects unsafe websites a lot better than the built-in filters in Chrome and Firefox. It also has an Attack Prevention Program that blocks unsafe fiscal transactions, and its particular anti-virus computer software does a extremely good job of actually finding and taking away malicious files on your computer.

The parental controls are a large plus to get families, have real profit limit kids’ access to websites and applications based upon age or location, hinder specific keywords, or use the “School Time” method that automatically restricts particular categories of sites during institution hours. The App Consultant scans the two newly downloaded apps and existing types to make sure they do not pose any kind of privacy hazards, and its SMS phishing filtration system blocks unsafe smishing email on iPhone and Google android devices.