Process and architecture are important, but it doesn’t add true value until it’s implemented and working as designed in your environment. Getting to that point requires a clear understanding of what the implementation’s objectives are, an accurate estimate of the time and resources required to complete the implementation, marshaling the skills and tools needed to execute, a credible plan of action, and a way to measure the implementation’s effectiveness in helping the organization achieve its strategic goals.

Our professional services team has some of the most experienced technical consultants in the industry, having led and participated in numerous implementations of automated discovery engines, repository tools, and integrations between them and a variety of other operational systems. In some cases we haven’t just implemented the tools, we’ve developed them. We leverage that deep expertise to make the implementation process easier on you.

Implementation Services

  • Project management – short and mid-term project planning and definition
  • Technology implementations, upgrades and migrations – installing, configuring, and tailoring your tools in your environment to enable your processes
  • Integrations – building the interfaces to give your implementation access to the data it needs to do what it needs to do and establish the platform to provide key outputs to other systems and their users