In today’s challenging economic climate, companies are looking for total solutions that will allow them to more efficiently manage their enterprise.   A single owner responsible for solving a real business objective so there’s no finger pointing.  We understand this and provide a comprehensive line of business and technology solutions to meet your needs.

Business Solutions

BusinessSolutionsYou understand that technology is ultimately just a tool for you to achieve your business goals. You need your business objectives to be met and don’t have the time nor the resources to be bothered with the nuts and bolts of the IT solutions required to meet them. That’s where we can help.

We provide total end-to-end solutions that target key business problems by bringing together people, process and technology to effectively address your needs.  We partner with market-leading technology vendors, covering on-premise software and cloud based offerings, to provide you with best of breed solutions based on what is most appropriate for your situation.

For example, if you’re responsible for IT Asset Management, here are just some of the business problems we can help you tackle:

  • Ensuring software license compliance
  • Baseline asset inventory for pre and post M&A situations
  • Software license optimization – reduce your total software expenditure by only paying for what you need and use
  • Technology refresh decisions – understanding what software and hardware assets are nearing an upgrade cycle so you can plan and budget accordingly

Technology Solutions

TechnologySolutionsYou are at the cutting edge of technology and business processes and a power user of the tool but you still can’t get it to do everything you need. You know what you want from the tool and have filed the obligatory product enhancement requests but the vendor just can’t act quickly enough for your needs. That’s where we come in.

We understand that your business challenges are immediate and you simply can’t afford to wait for a new release that may or may not meet your needs. So we work with you to understand your product requirements and develop the technology you need.

We can develop custom software tailored to your needs or offer add-on modules that provide the functionality you need through a license and support contract.