White Server RoomIT environments are getting increasingly complex, with a combination of on-premise, off-premise, physical and virtual environments that result in increased management costs and increased risk of meeting compliance requirements.

Many IT organizations still follow manual processes that were put in place back in the day when servers were dedicated to single applications that seldom changed.  These days, IT environments are typically complex heterogeneous environments with heavy use of virtualization and strict corporate policies that they need to comply with.

We work closely with HP and HP’s Business service automation suite to assist organizations address these challenges through enhanced automation solutions that are service-centric and enable lower-cost business application deployment – whether those apps are deployed traditionally, virtually or via a cloud.

Below are some of the key capabilities enabled by these solutions:

  • Automate provisioning, configuration, patching and release management
  • Standardize operations to reduce errors and downtime
  • Achieve compliance across storage, network, servers, databases and applications
  • Accelerate deploying a private and hybrid cloud
RevealIT provides consulting services, with end-to-end solutions as well as technical product expertise, to support customers deploying HP’s Business Service Automation solutions.