The Data is There

Your company has an amazing comprehensive database of its assets but end users can’t get their hands on the slivers of asset data they need in their day-to-day jobs. They are not inclined to learn the database schema or complex user interface so instead they rely on out-of-date reports or maintain separate departmental spreadsheets.

Make It Accessible

You understand who your internal customer groups are and their asset data needs. You quickly configure RevealIT Asset Viewer screens to align with their functional needs. From then on those employees have the latest information at their fingertips, available anytime with a few clicks in their web browser.

❱❱ With RevealIT Asset Viewer you can provide an intuitive web interface to your users to quickly and easily fetch the asset data they need, without requiring training on HP Asset Manager. You can tailor screens to suit your specific use-cases, providing just the data elements they need, the appropriate filter criteria and also modify the screen layout to make the important data stand out. We have taken care of the programming details and have built an efficient, highly configurable web application that is functional right out of the box, so you don’t need to write any code.

Asset Viewer — customized views of your asset database

Let end-users quickly and easily access the asset data they need

Key Features

Asset Viewer is powerful enough to communicate with any SQL database. No problem working with your HP Asset Manager database, no matter how customized your implementation is. It can fetch and display any information that is retrievable by an SQL Select statement (provided that the query result can be displayed textually).
Asset Viewer can be configured with any number of pages, each of which conforms loosely to the same basic layout. Typically each page is set up to meet the needs of one particular user group. Configure the look-and-feel too – make Asset Viewer your own with your company’s logo and colors.
Asset Viewer works hand-in-hand with your web server’s access security. Each Asset Viewer page can be configured to restrict access to users having specified roles. Your web server administrator configures the login mechanism and assigns roles to users, if necessary.
To the user, Asset Viewer is just a website accessed from a web browser. The user must select one of the tabbed pages, provide a couple of filter values for use in the database search, and push the Submit button. Simple as that. No training required.