HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory (DDMI) is a powerful product for discovering and managing devices on your network. One interesting feature that it has is the ability to retrieve important files from managed workstations via its scanning agents. Unfortunately this feature is seldom used because the retrieved files are embedded within encrypted scan files and viewable only through the DDMI user interface.

❱❱ RevealIT File Collector for DDMI is an add-on module that extracts files from DDMI’s encrypted scan files. Now you can leverage your DDMI investment to fetch, monitor, and process selected files from designated workstations and servers across your network. Developed by ex-HP R&D personnel, it integrates seamlessly with the HP product.

File Collector for DDMI

Access to critical files retrieved from DDMI-managed devices

Useful? Absolutely

  • Server configuration files: These are critical files – keep an eye on changes and track their history.
  • Log files: Coordinate scattered and disparate logs for analyzing network-level problems.
  • License files: Collect them in Asset Manager to assist with your license compliance program.

For sure there are ample circumstances for processing files from your network. This is a great auxiliary networking tool, not only for planned activities but also for unforeseen networking issues.

How it Works

RevealIT File Collector for DDMI installs on the DDMI server. The module detects the DDMI setup and initializes itself accordingly. It runs in the background as a Windows service, continually detecting new scan files and extracting the files found within.

File retrieval, being a DDMI function, is configured with the DDMI scanner. You can configure the File Collector module to process scan files from only certain devices, to extract only specified files, and to keep only the history that you want.