Why should you care?

As administrators of UCMDB, you know not only how powerful the tool can be but also how complex your implementations can get. Large enterprises have many moving parts and every day can throw up new challenges and more questions:

  • Why are some of my devices missing in UCMDB?
  • Why is my device showing up in UCMDB but not in Asset Manager?
  • Why has my server not been scanned in over a month?
  • Why is the probe server slow? Did something change recently?
  • How is my device coverage trending over time?


You may need to pore through various log files spread across your UCMDB server and probes to uncover clues and piece them together to get answers. Hopefully.

RevealIT Health Monitor – Get actionable information at your fingertips so you spend less time troubleshooting and more time adding functionality for your users

Working with many of you over the years, we have felt your pain and that has driven us to develop RevealIT Health Monitor!

❱❱ The RevealIT Health Monitor for UCMDB module provides a holistic, operational view of your UCMDB implementation, with actionable insights so your administrators can do more with less! This module bubbles up important information buried within your implementation and enhances it with additional data points we gather from your UCMDB servers. Key metrics about your UCMDB deployment are stored over time, so you can get a historical view of your UCMDB status and see how you are trending. You get visual dashboards showing the operational state of your implementation, and the issues being run into. You can also drill down into implementation issues and see how widespread the issues are so you can focus on what gives you most bang for the buck.


Since integrations are critical to a CMDB implementation, we also look at data coming into or going out of the UCMDB and can provide a holistic view of your implementation from a data perspective. So, for example, you can search for a device and see if it’s in Asset Manager or if not, wherein the data process pipeline is it stuck?


Key Features

To aid with troubleshooting UD discovery and it’s integration issues with log collection, the logs can be accessed and analyzed from a centralized location.

Graphical presentations of UD discovery and integration performance.
Reporting discovery and integration statistics. standard reports for non-UD groups.
System-level server and application monitoring.
Store historical dataset and be used to analysis later.
Framework to data collection from different data points. Supports DB, API and CSV methods for data extraction.
Easily scalable and capacity to store and handle huge data set.
Powerful visualizations – Easily build histograms, line graphs, pie charts and more.