RevealIT Free UD Implementation Health Check

  • RevealIT is now providing a free one-time remote health check of customer’s Universal Discovery implementation based on the RevealIT Health Monitor application
    • Customer provides UD logs and other requested data to RevealIT
      • RevealIT will provide a questionnaire, instructions and scripts to facilitate this
  • RevealIT will process the data on its internal servers (not on the cloud)
  • RevealIT will provide the customer with a set of reports from the RevealIT Health Monitor and have a 1-hour call with the customer to discuss its findings

RevealIT UD Implementation Guidance Service

  • 1 year Subscription-based Value Added Services Offering
    • Includes a term license of the RevealIT UD Health Monitor application
    • Includes installation and configuration of the Health Monitor application in the customer’s environment
      • Customer provides the server infrastructure required for deployment
  • RevealIT will periodically monitor and provide guidance to the customer’s UD implementation team for troubleshooting and improving the implementation
    • Customer can choose packages based on amount of RevealIT consulting hours included

How RevealIT can assist MicroFocus


  • Proof of Concept engagements
  • Modules to plug functionality gaps
  • CMS Health check/workshops


  • CMS Health Check
  • Implementation
  • Collaborative model or can handle end-to-end


  • On-going implementation support
  • Virtual admin services