rit headIT asset management deals with minimizing costs, mitigating compliance and security risks and optimizing services in a changing industry environment. Knowledge of when and where your IT asset is will lead you to knowing what you have and how to control its expenses and utilization.

Furthermore, knowledge is power when negotiating with vendors. Establishing a formal ITAM practice can not only provide you with the information you need for negotiating leverage, but also enable you to ensure ongoing compliance. For example, knowing how many IT assets you have organization-wide and having visibility into all the contracts you have with any given vendor will allow you to have purchasing discussions from a much stronger position.

When it comes to software, having a good understanding of your environment is even more critical. Organizations typically purchase many more licenses than they need as they are not sure of what they need, and err on the conservative side to ensure they are in compliance. Software vendors realize this and have been known to further instill fear, uncertainty and doubt, resulting in increased software license expenses in the absence of hard data about the IT environment.

That’s where we come in. We have deep expertise in this area and have worked with numerous organizations, ranging from mid-size to Fortune 100 companies, helping them with the business processes required for Asset Management as well as the technical implementation of the Asset Management and discovery tools.

Below are just some examples of the benefits provided by an IT Asset Management solution:

  • Aggregation of hardware and software assets in a central repository
  • Knowledge of contractual and service level agreements, eliminating unwanted lease redemptions and contract costs for unused assets
  • Tracking of software licenses by reconciling software
  • Monitoring hardware and software asset utilization, leading to both reduced expense and under utilization of IT assets

We work with the ServiceNow platform as well as HP products, and can work with you to put in place a comprehensive ITAM solution based on your environment and constraints, be it a cloud-based solution or an on-premise application.