TrainingEven with well-defined processes and a properly implemented enabling architecture, you still need people to make it all happen. Those people need to be equipped with the knowledge of how to use the architecture to execute the process; they need to understand why what they do is important and the value it brings.

We know the industry and its tools inside and out, and we can give you the knowledge you need not only to make it all work, but to show your user community the value it brings to your enterprise. Moreover, we help you understand how to adapt your messaging to different constituencies and contexts so you’re transferring the right knowledge to the right people.

Training Services

  • Communication plans – to foster adoption and reinforce key messages with your user base and your leadership
  • One-on-one and small group mentoring – for end users, administrators and functional owners
  • Customized training sessions (live and recorded) – for domain expertise and tool usage