Every environment is different — different services being delivered, different data needs, different security concerns, different virtualization strategies, and so on. When companies try to come in and implement a tool using cookie-cutter plans, it can lead to frustration as things you were assured would be easy end up being difficult and the things you know will be challenges are so far away from the cookie cutter they aren’t even addressed.

Our core delivery team has been involved in this industry for over a decade, as designers, developers, product managers and technical consultants. We know the tools inside and out, and we’ve integrated them to all kinds of systems over the years. We take the time to listen to you and learn about your enterprise. We have the experience to adapt our designs to your specific environmental needs and create an architecture aligned to your processes and help you take advantage of opportunities automation can provide when worked into your operations.

Solution Architecture Services

  • Solution architecture design – logical and physical architecture design assistance
  • Technology health assessments and gap analyses – identifying areas of opportunity and creating action plans to address them
  • Integration design – ascertaining the technical interfaces that provide the most value, aligning them to the business rules they support, and mapping the key attributes required to make the integration useful
  • Tool evaluation, recommendation and selection support – helping understand the criteria by which to make architecture decisions and educating you on the strengths and features of tools commonly used in the industry in order to make informed decisions