RevealIT Solutions does not release private information about you or your company to anyone (unless obligated to do so by legal process).

Personal Information

If you are in touch with us it is likely that we would acquire some personal information, such as your address, telephone number, email address, or financial information. Or, we may acquire information about your company such as corporate structure, business practices, or employee information. Any such non-public information is solely for the purpose of providing the best possible service to you. It is protected from disclosure by RevealIT’s privacy policy.

Website Monitoring

We may collect information about visits to our website. None of this data identifies you personally. We may gather statistics about connections to our site, including Internet domains and IP addresses. We may track how often web pages are visited and the dates and times of access. The information is for internal use only. It helps us to understand our customers’ needs, to maintain relevant and high-quality web pages, and to detect malicious or unauthorized access.